Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sophie Calle : Take Care Of Yourself

This was an exhibition I went to in my foundation year at Wimbledon and was recently reminded of after Tracey Emins exhibition at the Hayward Gallery when I saw a book on Calle. It reminded me how much I enjoyed the exhibition.
"Calle got an email from a lover, dumping her. She asked a team of women – all experts in their professional fields – to respond to it. Each woman interprets the letter from her point of view: a jurist analyses it as the termination of a contract, a translator examines its grammar, a composer turns it into music. Nowadays the word "deconstruction" is used lightly by everyone, but this exhaustive, communal disembowelling of a text reminds you that Paris is the home of such literary theory. If you think theory is death to art and feeling, think again."

I think for me the exhibition appealed so much because I was just starting to engage with graphic artforms, and I really enjoyed the responses which overlapped art, information design, film, graphic art. It was visually communicating in a way which I hadn't encountered before. I think that was when I first started to understand what graphic design could be.

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