Sunday, 10 July 2011

Designing the Design For Advertising degree show.

My space - showcasing my brand identity design for 'House of Bricks' boutique.

With the nature of much of our work in the design for advertising pathway being based on strategy as well as the final piece, we decided that our space had to cater for that, and that just allowing the work to do the talking on the walls wouldn't do it justice. So we used a zig-zagging wall to maximise our available space and then created some guidelines for people to work within, creating consistency and an identity to DFA as an independent pathway within the show. We branded ourselves with the colour pink, and with our own fonts and manifesto.

Each member of our pathway who was showing work was given 2 boards, positioned in a V shape, allowing for one project to be showcased on the walls, and a portfolio book to be presented showing other work and the insights and research behind the work.

After a lot of measuring, painting and meetings, we are all really proud of the result.

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