Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion Shoot for 'HOUSE OF BRICKS' Boutique...

My collaboration with fashion stylist Josie Easton (www.myhouseofbricks.blogspot.com) has recently involved me travelling to Birmingham to produce a supporting teaser video (which will feature alongside their blog) documenting the shoot for their potential S/S collection.

Here are some stills from what will be a 4 minute video bringing the customers closer to the story behind each garment. Josie wanted the shoot to be fun and unpretentious.

I am now working on the editing to create something with high spirits and a varied pace, to communicate the process of the shoot for the lookbook to those buying the pieces. The idea is that it is another way of breaking some the pretentious elitest barriers within the fashion industry, as well as giving ideas of how garments can be worn.

I need to find a suitable soundtrack, work on the white balance and pace of the video, and aim to create seamless editing...

Potential Soundtrack??

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