Thursday, 31 March 2011

selling my trusty steed...

I am selling my Nikon D40... it has 2 lenses, a case and a memory card, you'll be ready to go!

Please see...ebay..

Soon to be the owner of.. Canon 60D...for yummy moving image and depth of field...

Jellymongers !!

Bompas & Parr...(

...for 'Tata Naka Catwalk Show S/S 2010' (London Fashion Week, September 2010)

A friend of a friend has an internship working for these Jellymongers!!
I didn't know this existed. But now that I do, I feel it might change me!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Featured in Josie Easton's Illustrations

Illustrations - Josie Easton (
Photography - Melissa Fairchild (

Josie created a 30 page illustrated sketchbook inspired by Bestival 2010. I feature in the following pieces, Melissa documented the festival through photography which Josie worked into her pieces.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion Shoot for 'HOUSE OF BRICKS' Boutique...

My collaboration with fashion stylist Josie Easton ( has recently involved me travelling to Birmingham to produce a supporting teaser video (which will feature alongside their blog) documenting the shoot for their potential S/S collection.

Here are some stills from what will be a 4 minute video bringing the customers closer to the story behind each garment. Josie wanted the shoot to be fun and unpretentious.

I am now working on the editing to create something with high spirits and a varied pace, to communicate the process of the shoot for the lookbook to those buying the pieces. The idea is that it is another way of breaking some the pretentious elitest barriers within the fashion industry, as well as giving ideas of how garments can be worn.

I need to find a suitable soundtrack, work on the white balance and pace of the video, and aim to create seamless editing...

Potential Soundtrack??

Filming and Directing

I have recently filmed and directed a shoot for my friend Dani Snow.. She has been exploring lines between natural and virtual.. The shoot involved her arranging flowers. First of all physically arranging real flowers, the secondly physically arranging computer printed flowers, and finally virtually arranging images on photoshop.

Here are stills from the first two...

Monday, 21 March 2011

My biggest influence at the moment

In a recent interview I heard James Blake talk about how light influences his sound. And now listening back I can really hear it. The silences in his music are amazing. Massive influence on my mood and work at the moment.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Blake described the process he went through of recording the album. Only recording each element of the song once, there was no re-touching, meaning the song was specific to that specific time, I think thats a really nice way to work.

Verity Brown...

Fashion design graduate from Brighton... I love the characters she has given to each of the styles within her collection. I think the silhouttes, poses & prints work together really well to create a really playful and unpretentious look, i love them.

Love this dress

Photographing work...

I booked the photography studios today to photograph all my work in preparationfor my website going live, I plan to have it up and running once all of my final major project work is complete and ready to be uploaded...

It was really nice to experience all the elements of a shoot. Learning from being hands on with lighting positions and composition. And to be able to work with such incredible camera (Canon 5D MarkII) was amazing.