Thursday, 24 November 2011

Echo Lake - Buried at Sea by ///NO PAIN IN POP\\\

Really like the layered images, and textures and animated geometic illustrations in this. I would like to create something with the same sort of feel to this on my approaching trip to south america.

Friday, 19 August 2011


"A year ago, a massive oil spill began in the Gulf. The entire country was glued to the news until the well was capped, and then we forgot about it.
As the year anniversary was fast approaching I became curious, just how much oil was that exactly? Where would it have gone? What I found was shocking.
So in an effort to further our discussion on oil dependency I created this short animation. I've spent all of my free time in the last month putting this together to help illustrate just how dependent we truly are on oil.

Designed, animated and written by Chris Harmon
Voice Talent: Kim Estes
Music: Billy Perez & Todd Stambaugh

Sunday, 24 July 2011 #2

The colours and juxtaposition of images in this catalogue is insane. And not necessarily what you would expect when unravelling the neutral tactile packaging.

Marc Buckner Photography – Identity & Publication
Each time Marc briefs us on a new project a buzz of energy fills the studio. From designing his identity to a series of publications showcasing his work, it is always exciting to see how far we can push things to create an outstanding result. While working collaboratively with Marc on his latest book, the project was open to our interpretation. The freedom to explore and re-interpret the imagery, allowed us to showcase his photography in an non-commercial context.

Font: Bauer Bodoni

With a short course in typography as well as indepth adobe courses approaching I want to start polishing my graphic design. was suggested by a friend ( and it features next level work! Massive inspiration, and just makes me want to get better!

Metropolis Inc. – Publications & Collateral
Working alongside marketing specialists Metropolis Inc.,Brave has developed a range of collateral for several property developments.

Portfolio 7 is an Information Memorandum for a group of 7 large scale commercial properties being sold across Australia. Both foiled fabric case and cover were hand made for each publication. Acetate sheets were used throughout to divide sections. A limited quantity were produced and distributed to selected candidates.

Portfolio 7 – Futura

Sophie Calle : Take Care Of Yourself

This was an exhibition I went to in my foundation year at Wimbledon and was recently reminded of after Tracey Emins exhibition at the Hayward Gallery when I saw a book on Calle. It reminded me how much I enjoyed the exhibition.
"Calle got an email from a lover, dumping her. She asked a team of women – all experts in their professional fields – to respond to it. Each woman interprets the letter from her point of view: a jurist analyses it as the termination of a contract, a translator examines its grammar, a composer turns it into music. Nowadays the word "deconstruction" is used lightly by everyone, but this exhaustive, communal disembowelling of a text reminds you that Paris is the home of such literary theory. If you think theory is death to art and feeling, think again."

I think for me the exhibition appealed so much because I was just starting to engage with graphic artforms, and I really enjoyed the responses which overlapped art, information design, film, graphic art. It was visually communicating in a way which I hadn't encountered before. I think that was when I first started to understand what graphic design could be.


Having never seen Emin's work before, but feeling like I had somehow already passed judgement through what the press had characterised it as, I was intrigued to find out what I actually made of it. Every detail of her life from her childhood to political views is well-known and well-documented. So I was intrigued to find out whether there would be anything new here?

The whole of LOVE IS WHAT YOU WANT brought together Emin's entire career to date in a wide range of different media. It was this variety that originally struck me, from film and video to pieces of sculpture, photography, painting and printmaking. I found myself instantly engaged with the work when first faced with an original handwritten letter from her dad. What could be a better insight into why Emin is the way she is?

Ultimately though, it was the jaunty, hand-crafted, down-at-heel yet feminine aesthetic of Emin's work which I loved above and beyond the subject matter. There is something so appealing about the rainbow colours of her blankets, the delicate embroidery, fuzzy quality of the films and the scribbly but elegant handwriting, and the erratic yet graceful line drawings. From the ramshackle wooden structures to the spangly neon lights, you can see something of her upbringing in a dated seaside town.

I loved the exhibition, and it has inspired me to work on some more personal projects.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tim Walker & Mulberry

Mulberry A/W 2011 Video

Photographer: Tim Walker
Models: Tatiana Cotliar and Julia Saner
Set Design: Shona Heath
Creative Direction: Ronnie Cooke Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme - House and Holme
Director: :Luke Losey
Cinematographer: Serge Teulon
Post Production and composition: Framestore
Music: Mike Snow, "Animal"

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Next Project: Re-work "Stewarts" branding

I have been asked by my Dad to re-work the brand guidelines for our family garden centre business "Stewarts".

Stewarts was established in 1742. And is now being run by the 7th generation, (I would be the 8th).

My Grandpa Ted (left) and Great Grandfather (right).

We have run under the same logo and brand identity guidelines for the past 20 years, and we feel we can push our identity further. I am settting aside some time in August and sitting down with my Dad to discuss what we feel the strengths and weaknesses are.

RAKDESIGNS photographs the Origami Instillation

Friend, designer, illustrator, animator and photographer Rak photographed the outcome of our collaboration work...the hanging origami instillation.


Designing the Design For Advertising degree show.

My space - showcasing my brand identity design for 'House of Bricks' boutique.

With the nature of much of our work in the design for advertising pathway being based on strategy as well as the final piece, we decided that our space had to cater for that, and that just allowing the work to do the talking on the walls wouldn't do it justice. So we used a zig-zagging wall to maximise our available space and then created some guidelines for people to work within, creating consistency and an identity to DFA as an independent pathway within the show. We branded ourselves with the colour pink, and with our own fonts and manifesto.

Each member of our pathway who was showing work was given 2 boards, positioned in a V shape, allowing for one project to be showcased on the walls, and a portfolio book to be presented showing other work and the insights and research behind the work.

After a lot of measuring, painting and meetings, we are all really proud of the result.

Our LCC degree show featured in Creative Review

"I always look forward to visiting the London College of Communication's BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design degree show, and this year didn't dissapoint."

Below is the work of my friend Dani Snow who was chosen to be featured in the post.

I helped Dani film and direct the following work which featured in the post. It is a film that juxtaposes analogue and digital flower arranging.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Origami Installation Workshop

Some quick shots of the outcome from our 2 day workshop in the art department at Canford School's 'Spirit of Place' exhibition. I am returning with my camera to get some better shots of the piece, as well as some shots at night with spot lights.

I first spent the morning teaching the students how to make an origami crane. Once this was mastered I encouraged them to experiment with scale, and other possible flying creatures for the installation.

The work is being kept up in the exhibition space until next term.

Pieces were created with up to 12 pieces of AO paper to be used as poster advertsing around the grounds to encourage people to the space on Speech Day.

Friday, 17 June 2011

WANTED: Perfect Job

Seeking somewhere I can design tangible experiences for boutique events & brands; working on invites, mail outs, books, visual merchandising, set & event design with an emphasis on DIY handmade work. At a small agency (who drink lots of tea!?) in London. I don't mind what colour the walls are. Much too ask, probably!

Is this you?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ideas for origami installation..

Taking a small workshop at the end of June working with 13-18 year olds for 2 days. Working on ideas for an origami installation. Need to consider size and shape, paper qualities and colour, and hanging capabilities in the space.