Friday, 19 November 2010

LOVE FOR...Tim Walker

From the first image I saw of Walkers I loved his blurring of fantasy and reality, playfulness, delicacy, theatrical settings, textures, and imagination. The images take a lot of the pretention out of fashion for me...

'Tim Walker - Pictures' ....Such a captivating book, already a fan of Tim Walker's work, I could not believe just how much of an insight you are given into Walker's inspiration and methods of working. I saw that someone had written in a review, "It's huge in size and heavy in weight, so you can't just flick through it - you are aware of the effort of turning each page. And each page produces a new surprise or delight." I love that its not a little flick-book, and that you are required to donate time to flicking through it, but then in return you are rewarded with an insight into Walker's creative train of thought.

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